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Tales of Futures Past
Character Mini Stories

A spot where you are free to post any “tales” or adventures of your characters that others may find helps flesh out your characters motivations, reasoning, etc.

if you post here, I will presume that this information is being given as off post discussion (i.e. on-board ship during jump, or in some non active situation, and is accessible by all.

You are not required to post here, but the suggestion was that it would assist in rounding out the characters, along with building dialogue among the crew, so here you are! write away![[:irina-yannovich | Afkagha[[:jason-taverner | [[:lauren-lars-makaan | Jason Taverner]] [[:sarah-hodges | Miles Santos[[:charlie-braunmantel | Charlie Braunmantel]]]]]]]]

Good Tools Are A Working Sophont's Friend!
Seriously, have you looked at what is in the standard toolkits?

I dunno if this is the correct place for this, but don’t really care as Marc or someone will fix it if I am wrong and I can still see Hallis Mir on the Dashboard page so I need another post here to push him off that page.

Tools. Let’s talk about tools which begin with T which rhymes with P which stands for Pool, not the kind you swim in but the kind you bet on running the table, right here in River City!!!

I’m gonna go copy the best parts out of several very long CotI threads that I started more than a year ago and got a lot of response on, all about the very important topic of what belongs in all those toolboxes after 1980, which was apparently the year Marc Miller had in mind when writing those items for the LBBs back in 1977.

I chose as our reference point for those threads TL-12, whereas our ship was constructed and is being maintained at a TL-11 Starport, so either we need to decide what of this stuff should be allowed in TL-11 toolboxes, or Charlie will attempt to start a SIDE-QUEST by telling the ship’s engineers about all of the advanced tools they are missing out on – and you KNOW how Engineers get about their Tools! So if any of this stuff is too advanced for TL-11, we have to go hunt it down at someplace selling offworld high tech TOOLS!

I think for purposes of organization, I will go ahead and make Items for each kind of Toolkit, as that 1) seems to get more attention than just posting in OOC or GM Discussion or somewhere, plus if no one says anything about them, it sorta lends them an air of unearned authority; “Hey, look, it’s already in the Items and nobody said anything, right?”

[I only hope that my typing will be up to the task, as I am in a great deal of pain, have already taken all the meds that My Wife the Nurse will allow, and am resorting to that secret, ancient, painkiller known as Vino, in which Veritas is allegedly found. If anything I write is too much garbage, I trust that Marc will clean it up.]

*Good Meal at _The Oasis_!*
Tired of looking at that "Hallis MIr" photo!

Wow, we sure are enjoying some good food, brew, and conversation here at The Oasis tonight! In addition to the house special spar-hen burritos, we have a huge salad with mysterious greens of unknown origin, black olives, green olives, tomatoes soaked overnight in olive oil, and mounds of great grated cheese! Plus there is this stuff with an Old Terran sounding name that Hallis Mir Senior ordered, that looks like mushrooms on top of a chunk of ground beef, but the name had “legumes” in it which suggests other ingredients like clover, peanuts, or beans. Yumm, Yumm!

Enter: Hallis Mir

The crew wants answers, so now they turn to their former crewmate.

Hallis walks over to the coffee maker, laughing to himself that after all these years, The “old fashioned” way of brewing coffee beans is still the best. After pouring himself, Magnus, and Lauren a mug, he settles into the high backed couch, moving not as nimbly as you recall, but more of with a steady surefootedness.

Hallis begins: “Before we start getting into who has questions for whom, Can someone explain two things..First:”

“Why did I age, but all of you look like when we first met?”

“And secondly,” Hallis takes a long draw of his coffee. “Why does the Doctor have a pistol trained on me??”

System Inbound
The questions the crew have slowly begin to fall into place..or do they?

As the crew looks over the records, they see that the Maverick, following her initial route into the system, had been plying back and forth along the two adjoining sectors for what seems like the past 20+ years, with interspersed maintenance over that period.

Further digging does turn up crew logs. It seems like there have been 4 crews, averaging about 1 crew every 5 years. It also shows that the ship looks like it is owned by a blind trust, based in Regina sector, and the crew has broad discretion in selecting cargoes, destinations and charters, provided only that basic financial and contract obligations were met.

As the crew brews coffee and discusses the beginning finds, Ravn begins to slowly come to a realization. As he looks back to his conversations, he remembers that once he was shuttled to Maverick, he was told that he would be put under, similar to the rest of the crew, but only for “a few weeks at best”, in order for them to calibrate the system used to create the simulations.

He know understands that he has been in a waking dream for the past 24 years.

Jason and Magnus locate the Maverick’s position, as more systems come on line. She is currently in Aramis system, in a wide parabolic orbit out near the last planet in the system. He orbit takes her near, and in some cases into an asteroid field, which nav states she will be entering withing the next hour.

Also, the onboard computer corrects the current date and time, now that it can take bearings from a system beacon.

The current date is 361-1129. At 1G, you should reach Aramis in 4 days, 22 hours. At 2 G, you will reach her in 3 days, 11 hours. Your current stores on ship will exhaust in 5 days.

A Dream within a Dream?

Do Travellers Dream of Electric Sheep?

The Characters are slowly coming to the realization that all is not what it seemed to be on Walston. As they slowly revive from their waking dream (?), they are coming to the realization that not only all is not well, but where are they, and why are they here?

Note: sorry for the long gap, I was debating with myself as to whether I was capable to run this game, and I decided that I’m going to give it my best, and with everyone’s help make it a success, so here we go!

I’m also going to recruit more players via Citizens of the Imperium, so with any luck, you’ll have a full crew, so I can reduce the amount of PC NPC’s.

What is Real?

A Bridge between the events on planet, and what the party may be “seeing”

Walston - A council to steal
Arriving on Walston

Ceto hauler
On to Hople…


Debriefing of this episode is pending.


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