Free Trader: Maverick

What is Real?

A Bridge between the events on planet, and what the party may be “seeing”


GM] Jason
The inky blackness of unconsciousness is quickly broken by a loud klaxon that jars your eyes open. The blurry vision is quickly replaced by sharpness as the ceiling comes into focus, Along with the sensation of being surrounded in a warm, gel like susbstance.

You flex your body around, and while you have some movement, it feels as if one, if not both of your wrists are shackled to something cold and hard.

Taking a moment you clearly hear a multitude of voices scrambling in the background:
“Are you kidding me? why did we make a deal with them in the first place?”
“Boss’s orders. plus, they guaranteed us a safe platform to work form.”
“So, I’ll give him the update, you put this one back in, he’s their fixer, have his avatar talk their way out of the vargr situation.”
“Think that’ll get her to let her guard down?”
“For her sake it better. you know how D-”

Before the voice finishes, a gruff voice enters from Jason’s left.
“You both know policy, no names.”
“They both are resisting, we’re running different scenarios to speed the extraction process.”
“Good. keep me posted?”

What is Real?


Karlow, along with his family seeing Lars wink look to each other, then after a moment’s hesitation, assume their subservient roles, acting as if they are Lauren’s servants, gesturing and asking if she,as well as the rest of the party is pleased, and would need anything at the moment.

One of the browncoats, his hat ringed by a solid brown bar at the base of the cap, simply walks up to the ATV, eyes darting and examining the passengers, asks promptly:

“There were more memebers of your party, no?”
“The talkative one, and the alien and female, they are not attneding your little “excursion”?

What is Real?

Lauren “Lars” Makaan

Lauren: rather than the ceiling, your eyes clear to see what you think to be a glass wall in front of you, but before this scenes vanishes to be replaced by Kreios being accosted by the Vargr, you catch of glimpse of what you think is Fenris, encased in a cylindrical tube with a white coated individual checking the tube.

Lauren remains silent for a moment, digesting what she has just seen – or at least what she thought she had seen. It made no sense within the confines of her environment, but that was all the more reason for it to be true.

For the time being, however, she puts those thoughts to the back of her mind and slowly stands up from her seat. “I’m sorry, gentlemen, this is my fault. I wished to go out for a relaxing drive with my servants.” She turns to indicate the vargr and winks at them, out of sight of the browncoat. “Our compass must be malfunctioning, as we weren’t supposed to end up at the shore at all. Is there any chance I can borrow one?”

What is Real?

Jason: on Walston

Back in the real world, Jason lifts his head from the tap board, he eyes the Vargr with the brown bar. “What´s this? Didn´t Tanner inform you?” He moves his right hand to the stun stick at his waist. “Do I need to tell you you´re to help us get the ship up?”

“Status report! How long will it take? To get her up?”

What is Real?

Lauren shoots Jason a glance, as if to wish he’d lay off a bit.

What is Real?

Lauren: Unknown Location

As Lauren makes her statement, her field of vision is filled with a blinding light..followed by a sharp pain near the crook of her arm. She no longer hears the sounds of Walston, but instead hears claxons shrieking over head. Her vision has still not cleared, but her touch now gives her the sensation on being encased in what feels to be a gel like substance.

What is Real?

Lauren forces herself to wait a good half-second before doing anything, to avoid looking like she’s been waiting for this, just in case it doesn’t work – which it probably won’t. She reaches (quickly) to shove her palms in front of her while pushing her heels behind, to try and either stand up or push on the glass tube that she’s in. And quickly, since chances are she has a few seconds at most.

What is Real?

(OOC Magnus is still active in this game, just waiting)

What is Real?

(OOC: Kreios still waiting, too, except if I’m waking up in a similar situation as Lauren, in which case I’ll do this:)
Kreios pushes his hands sidewards, blind. Upon feeling the tube’s walls, he lets his hands slide along the tube’s interior, then towards his mouth, looking for a breathing apparatus, then following it with his hands.

What is Real?

OOC: Good luck guys!

What is Real?

Lars: unknown location

As you push forward, the door easily swings open, the cool blue lighting of the tube giving way to the emergency lighting of..wherever you are. As your eyes slowly feel..something attached to your head..

Reaching up, as well as spitting out the mouthpiece that was feeding you begin to remove adhesive pads..about 4 of them, that were placed around your forehead.

The gel like sensation you felt was the body fitting substance you were resting in. You are dressed in a jumpsuit that has RS1412 stiched over the breast pocket.

As you slowly feel yourself coming back to “normal”, the first thing you notice, that the tube across from you is no longer there.

What is Real?

The Crew: unknown location

Like Lars, sees his perception of Walston replaced by a white light, followed by shooting bolts of pain into his head.

Feeling the breathing tube in your mouth..your hands move upward, towards the top of your head, but stop short at your forehead. Using feel..“pads” attached at spaced intervals from one side of your head to the other.

As you move around your face and also discover earbuds. As they are removed, they sounds of a planet are replaced by emergency klaxons, loud enough to penetrate even this tube.

As your vision clears, looking out through the “window” of the tube, you see multiple tubes, designed like yours positioned into a circle, with multiple workstations forming the inner circle.

What is Real?

(OOC cool!)

What is Real?

The second thing Lauren notices is that no one else is apparently in the room either. So that’s good.

And, since Lauren finally feels at home for the first time since leaving the Scouts (this is part and parcel of basic training, after all), she smiles and cracks her knuckles – failing, of course, since she’s never managed to do it before, but the effect is still the same.

It is at this point that she takes good stock of her current location and of anyone/anything else within the area. This will take her about four seconds.

What is Real?

Kreios pushes his hands out, opening the tube, and ripping the pads away from his head and the breathing tube from his mouth. He steps outside, unstable, and looks around. His eyes still unfocused, he still sees the tubes, with people in them, and tries regaining his composure and coordination.

What is Real?

GM: just looking over Kreios’s excellent work on where you are, guys. Posts coming shortly.

What is Real?

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