Skilled fearless ship's mechanic but jaded by past crew


Name: Afkagha
Age: 34
Race: Vargr
Sex: Female
Homeworld: Industrial, High Population

Racial Traits: Natural Weapon (bite), Uplifted, Notable Dexterity (+1), Weak Strength (–1), Weak Endurance (–1)

Skill Modifiers: Vargr have better hearing and smell than humans, giving them a +1 DM to any Recon and Survival checks that use these senses. Vargr eyesight is less effective than humans in darkness, giving them a –1 DM to any skill check involving eyesight in dark conditions.

Characteristic Score Modifier
Strength 6 0
Dexterity 9 1
Endurance 8 0
Intellect 12 2
Education 10 1
Charisma 5 -1

Skills: Melee (Infighting) 0, Melee (Blade) 1, Streetwise 1, Trade1, Engineer (M-Drive) 1, Engineer (J-Drive) 0, Engineer (Power) 0, Language 0, Deception 0, Recon 0, Athletics (Archery) 1, Athletics (co-ordination) 0, Gun combat (Slug Pistol) 0, Stealth 2, Computers 0, Jack of all Trades 1, Persuade 1, Broker 0, Advocate 1, Pilot (Spacecraft) 1, Gunner (Turrets) 1, Mechanic 1, Sensors 1, Medic 1, Comms 1, Astrogation 1

Armor [ Zurrku-Ekdho (Light Suit, TL7) ] Rating [ 3 ] Notes [ Retractable Blades (TL8)]
Weapon Attack DM Damage Range Modifiers Notes
Crossbow (TL9) +2 2d6+4 P-1,C+0, S+0, M+0, L-2, VL-4, D-6 Recoil 0, Gyrostabiliser, Auto-loading, 3 clips of 6 ammo, Magnification Scope (TL4)
Rokhkou (Long Sword) +2 3d6 P-1,C+0 None
Retractable Blades +1 2d6 P+0, C-1 None

Gear: Hand Computer/1 (TL 7) 1kg, Medikit (TL 8) 8kg, Electromagnetic Probe (TL 10), Rebreather (TL 6) 10kg, Environment Suit (TL 8), Toolkit Engineer: M-Drive 12kg, Toolkit Engineer: Power 12kg, Toolkit Engineering J-Drive 12kg,

Credits: 74,213

Career History
• First Term: Rogue (Thief) [ age:18-22]
• Second Term: Citizen (Worker) [age: 23-26]
• Third Term: Merchant (Free Trader) [age: 27-30]
• Forth Term: Loner (Hunter) [age: 31-34]


Bio: Subject Afkagha a female Vargr, birth place unknown, but speculated from somewhere within the Gvurrdon Sector was found in a vac-suit as the sole survivor of a derelict and dead in space Vargr Merchant ship at the age of a estimated nine years old. The ship named “Zuk Lur” was found by a Free Trader ship well inside Imperium space and even after investigated by local authorities the ships salvaged data banks held no information on the young alien child place of origin or family connections. With no one to send the child to the authorities in question sent the child to the nearest planet, which had a small population of Vargr, into the care of the Child Welfare Agency who seeing difficulty in placing the subject into a home place Afkagha into a Child Welfare Housing Facility where she stayed until the age of eighteen years old.

Afkagha was placed into the local public educational system and despite the numerous citations for misbehavior she had very high marks which showed a keen intellect and ability to learn. Upon graduating from the public educational system Afkagha put that keen intellect to use as a member of a local theft crew, in which she managed to evade law enforcement’s notice for over three years and earn not only a large sum which is estimated to be over 50,000 credit. This crime spree would come to a surprising end shortly after Afkagha turned twenty-three years old when a aid worker from the Child Welfare Housing Facility not only sponsored the traveling paper but paid for a trip our of her own small earning to send Afkagha back to the Gvurrdon Sector and somehow convinced the very successful thief to give up her life of crime and board the ship back to her home space.

By all evidence that is exactly what Afkagha did and upon reaching the planet of the ship last destination before returning to Imperium space Afkagha disembarked on Lluezukgzang where she quickly fell into the highly industrialized workforce building ship engine parts and assembly casings. Afkagha was a excellent worker and even pushed herself to receive further training in her off hours in the working of ship M-Drives, which were what the parts she was building were for. Despite the high skill and drive to learn Afkagha apparently had some difficulties with a Vargr male supervisor who seemed was trying to dominate her into some kind of social arrangement that she did not concede too which lead to a very unhappy working place. The situation apparently got so bad that four years after arriving at Lluezukgzang Afkagha would have to find a quick exit after the situation between her and her male supervisor broke down to physical fight, which is not uncommon among Vargr but apparently looked down upon in the middle of a factory assembly floor.

Afkagha would make a quick decision to sign on with a Human crewed Free Trader ship Amphloxus that was apparently sponsored by the prominent Mir family and it seem that it was a good fit for the now twenty-seven year old Vargr woman. Give the position as Jr. Engineer Afkagha was placed under the command of a veteran Free Trader mechanic who she learn use to expand her already growing knowledge of ships engines. The next three years would see Afkagha well placed in the ship, even to the point of earning two ship shares herself and eventual taking over as ship’s Chief Engineer upon the elders retirement which also coincided with the retirement of the ship’s original captain and his son taking over the helm. It would seem that the new captain was far too interested in making credits and less so in the law and this end up have the ship being impounded and the whole crew charged with not only smuggling but also fraud charges places against them. Here our subject Afkagha, once the rising star of crime would step forward to legally defend her ship and crew even going so far as to win against the charges which lacked hard evidence.

After the charges were dropped and the ship released from impound Afkagha apparently refused to join the captain on the ship even giving up her two ship share in the process. After the falling out of her old crew Afkagha would jump around a lot for the next four years, making her movement very difficult to trace but it seems she would join one emergency aid relief mission to very low tech planets sulfuring form one form of disaster after another. During these mission she helped in search and rescue, providing food and other supplies to hard to reach location, but almost seemingly on purpose never worked for the same group more than once.

To all appearances Afkagha would have continued this life style if not for a year ago a agent working for the Mir family tracked down the subject and somehow coerced her to return to working for the Mir family. At this time it is unclear in what compactly Afkagha has been rehired by the Mir family for as she has clearly not rejoined a ship’s crew as of date. Further investigation only reviled that her employment is listed as advisory retainer position, which give no indication of just what interest the Mir family has in the subject.


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