Irina Yannovich

Scarred ex-Merchant engineer and pilot


Irina Yannovich

Author: golan2072

PC in: FreeTrader: Maverick

Game System: Traveller

Abilities: Str 4, Dex 8 End 5, Int 8, Edu 7, Soc 6

Born: 068-1062, age 46

Skills: Pilot (Spacecraft) 4, Gun Combat (Energy Pistol) 2, Mechanic 2, Vacc Suit 2, Broker 1, Engineer (J-Drive) 1, Engineer (M-Drive) 1, Melee (Blade) 1, Zero-G 1, Comms 0, Computer 0, Drive 0, Persuade 0, Steward 0, Trade (Miner) 0

Career: Merchant Marine 1st Officer , 7 terms


Nobu Carter (Contact), Jump-Drive Technology Researcher and love interest. Irina and Nobu go back many years, where both were deck hands aboard the freighter Black Rose of Nasemin back in the early 1080’s. The two fell in love, andever since were having an on-and-off relationship, as typical for spacers. Nobu, initially an engineer, later moved to more scholarly pursuits, staying planetside for several years while Irina was travelling around, and, eventually, becoming a drive researcher for Mir Steel at Leedor, Aramis. Recently, Irina has been staying with him for a few weeks, and he suggested to her that she’ll work for Mir Steel, testing out a new drive prototype on an A3 trader.

Malati Cordova (Contact), Smuggler. A recent acquaintance, Malati is ten years younger than Irina, having served with her on the Black Rose of Nasemin as the co-pilot in 1096-1107. After a stint on that freighter, Malati mustered out and bought her own ship, the Spinward Crow, on credit from a small bank with a shady reputation. Now Malati, a good friend of Irina’s, is a smuggler, involved in many illegal dealings with the local underworld of the Aramis subsector, and the two are still in touch through starport drop-box mail.

Petr Okoye (Rival), Starport Administrator and former contact. A starport and customs official on the subsector capital of Aramis, Petr knows Irina for almost two decades, being the person responsible for inspection and docking paperwork for the Black Rose of Nasemin in the ship’s numerous visits to the capital. Initially a friendly face on the starport, Petr eventually tried to make overtures towards Irina, who rejected him out of loyalty to the distant Nobu. Petr did not take this refusal lightly, and started acting vengefully towards Irina and even towards the Black Rose of Nasemin as a whole. He will still try to make life hard for her and for whatever ship she is on if and when they’ll arrive on his home turf of Aramis, where he is now a ranking bureaucrat.

Cr70,000, 16 Free Trader shares, TL11 Laser Pistol


Irina Yannovich’s life could be a testimony to the limits of social mobility in the late Third Imperium. Born to a hard-working family of miners on harsh Carsten/Aramis, Irina did advance much in life in her 28-year career as a Merchant Marine deck-hand and officer; yet she still remains firmly within the working class, official social rank “6”.

Irina grew up in an environment of technical work, as well as grunt work, and had moderate achievements at school; whole somewhat brighter than the average, the realities of life, as well as the need to hold a job from a relatively young age to help support her family, did not allow for much advanced schooling. She did try at hand, however, in various technical tasks, which were more suitable for her slender frame than the hard physical work on the mines. When she turned 18, however, she wished to get off her rocky homeworld and see the stars beyond; find something more interesting and exciting in life than maintaining mining machinery on Carsten. She tried to do so by applying to the Imperial Navy. She failed; both her working-class origin and mediocre school achievements were insufficient for the elitist Navy. After a few house of bleakness and despair, she made up her mind to find another way to the stars.

That way to the Outer Black came in the shape of a freighter, the Black Rose of Nasemin, whose captain, Hiram N’krumah, was looking for a deck hand. Irina signed in a heartbeat. Spending one day to gather her few belongings and say goodbye to her family, she boarded the freighter, bound to the far stars. Her first term of service was relatively uneventful )though she did learn her way around the ship’s controls) apart from falling in love with Nobu Carter, a fellow deck-hand. They spent most of their free time together, but when on duty, Irina was around the bridge, while Nobu, with his knack for drive maintenance and redlining, was down in engineering. After three years, however, at the end of Nobu’s term of service, he was accepted to the University of Junidy to study for an Imperial Certificate of Engineering. After much celebration and many tears, the couple separated, beginning a long, but often interrupted, on-and-off romance over interstellar distance, as is typical for spacers to have.

With Nobu gone, Irina was reassigned for her next term to the engine deck, as a deck hand was more necessary there than on the bridge. This proved to be a very fruitful change of circumstances for the 22-years-old deck-hand, as she learned very much during this term, both in maintaining and repairing engines and machinery, and in working in zero gravity environments. Her hard work at the engines has earned her a long-awaited promotion to Senior Crewman. This term, however, also saw Irina badly injured when a steam pipe at the ship’s engine exploded under pressure and sprayed her with super-heated steam; she still carries the scars of that accident today, albeit faded by the years, across the left side of her body. After three weeks at an Aramis hospital, however, she was back to work on the Black Rose of Nasemin.

Following her promotion, however, Irina was moved back to the bridge, where she became the Black Rose’s unofficial co-pilot and did pilot the ship during many routine operations of that otherwise unremarkable term of service. Meanwhile she came to know Petr Okoye, a friendly, if somewhat gruff, starport official on Aramis, who became a good friend. Her fourth term was also very similar to the third, though she was back in Engineering, this time promoted to 4th Officer and put in charge of a shift, allowing her to learn her way around the J-Drive herself, as well as log many hours of EVA experience.

The next, and fifth, term of service was quite beneficial for her career, with another promotion and her becoming the main pilot of the Black Rose, as well as being officially certified both as a Grade III Pilot and a professional EVA worker. Personally, however, things did not go as well, as her old friend Petr, now a rising star of the Aramis Downport bureaucracy, tried to woo her, an overture she turned down out of loyalty to the distant Nobu. The ambitious bureaucrat took this as a personal insult, and tried to take revenge on Irina and on the Black Rose as a whole, citing various bogus and semi-bogus breaches of safety regulations by the ship and its pilot. The captain, however, hired a good lawyer and brushed aside the bureaucratic mess, but ever since Petr Okoye is out to make life hard for Irina, if the opportunity will present itself.

Away from this bureaucratic affair, Irina spent her next, sixth, term of service as the Black Rose’s pilot, rising to the rank of Second Officer and becoming a highly skilled pilot. She also did some work down in engineering when the needed arose, and improved her machinery skills. She even tried her hand in some speculative trading of her own, which turned out well, and taught her a thing or two about mercantile ventures. So far she was healthy, looking at the age of 42 as she did at 34. However, things were about to change.

Irina’s final and seventh term started out well enough: she did start taking fencing lessons and working on her fitness, to counteract her aging, and continued to pilot the Black Rose, eventually earning a promotion to 1st Officer. However, what was supposed to be a routine freight run to Jesedipere, on the Imperial border, ended up with an assault by Vargr corsairs, who disabled and boarded the Black Rose of Nasemin. In the gunfight which ensued, the boarders were repelled, and eventually an Imperial patrol frigate arrived and forced the corsairs to jump away, but Irina, with zerio actual combat experience, was shot several times by the boarders, severely injuring her. Luckily, the ship’s doctor managed to stabilize her and stitch her wounds, and she spent two weeks in the ship’s medlab recovering from her gunshot wounds.

This rude awakening to the dangers of the universe, combined with the fact that aging has caught up with her, were enough for Irina to make up her mind to start having a more interesting experience in the years remaining ahead of her. She mustered out in early 1108, saying farewell to her crew and travelling to Leedor on Aramis to spend a long-awaited holiday with Nobu. She also did use some of her money to get some serious training with her newly-acquired laser pistol, in case of any further boarding actions…

Irina Yannovich

Free Trader: Maverick golan2072