Lauren "Lars" Makaan

Ex-intelligence agent and special forces operative. Prefers to tell the truth whenever she can get away with it.


Lauren “Lars” Makaan

Author: LorenniaNailo

PC in: FreeTrader: Maverick

Game System: Traveller

Abilities: Str 8, Dex 12, End 12, Int 9, Edu 8, Soc 8

Skills: Athletics (coordination) 0, Deception 1, Engineering (naval) 1, Gun Combat (slug pistols) 5, Gun Combat 0, Investigate 1, Persuasion 1, Pilot (spacecraft) 0, Recon 2, Remote Ops 0, Sensors 0, Space Science (xenology) 0, Stealth 3, Survival 1, Tactics (naval) 1, Vacc Suit 1, Zero-G 0.

Ally: Emily Nyselia, fellow naval intelligence agent. Emily was the person with Lauren on the test flight of the Mata Hari, and they stayed in touch. Lauren later rescued her from the middle of a militant camp without the militants even knowing. Emily and George (below) are very good friends as well, after having worked together for so long.

Contact: George Takein, Naval Intelligence. He is responsible for Lauren’s jump to the Naval Intelligence Service from the Scouts a few years ago. They retained a good working relationship, even though Lauren left the Service. George and Emily (above) are very good friends after having worked together for so long.

Contact: Robert Daniel “Daniel” Oliver, professional archivist. Lauren has never met Daniel (as he prefers to be called) in person, but made contact with him initially through a friend (now deceased). Daniel deals in ancient entertainment: literature, music, and games. Lauren has taken up reading ancient science fiction (now usually both outdated and completely wrong, but she still finds it enjoyable). Lauren used to donate to Daniel and his Historical Reclamation Project regularly when she had a steady paycheck. As of now, she has not donated in some time. Lauren introduced Emily to Daniel as well, and Emily took up listening to old music.

Enemy: Arkesh Spacers. After exposing one of their ships’ piracy efforts and getting the entire corporation publicly fined, Lauren Makaan has become one of their least favorite people.

Enemy: Hikero Ma’Fando, galactic businessman. This man and his then-fiance ran across Lauren during her amnesia period (see below). For some unknown reason, Lauren ran up and slapped him in the face with a banana. His resultant anger scared his fiance, who soon left him. Shortly afterward, his business began to collapse. Unfortunatly, Hikero was never of the most sound mind, and blames Lauren for all of his troubles since their encounter, and while he has no idea who or where she is, he would recognize her on sight. Lauren of course remembers none of this, and would doubtless be surprised to hear of it.

Rival: Lauren Johnson, Naval Intelligence. Lauren Johnson was the first agent in charge of extracting Emily Nyselia from the militant encampment, but after six months of negotiation and failed attempts, she was replaced by Lauren Makaan, who rescued her in three weeks. Understandably, Lauren Johnson was a bit put out by this.

Equipment: TAS membership, 10,950 Cr.
~Cloth armor (TL 7, protection 3)
~HEV Suit (TL 12, protection 8, life support for 18 hours, provides protection against heat, radiation, and high pressure, eye protection included, magnetic grapples, TL 10 medikit, smart fabric, IR chameleon, mass 18 kg)

~Autopistol (TL 6, damage 3d6-3, no auto, recoil 0, mass 0.5 kg, 15-round magazine)
~Blade (small blade, damage 2d6, mass 0.5 kg)
~Body Pistol (TL 11, damage 3d6-3, no auto, recoil -2, 6-round magazine, -4 DM to detect with conventional sensors, +1 DM to any attack that has been aimed, -4 DM to detect the sound of its firing, cannot be used by anyone other than Lauren)
(x-ray laser sight, silencer, gyrostabiliser, DNA-secured, intelligent (Computer/0, Expert Gun Combat/2) with personal database, interface, intelligent interface/1, security/0, and expert gun combat/2)

Secure data storage wafer surgically implanted in right arm (functions only as long as Lauren is still alive, rejects any access not made with the correct password (which only Lauren knows) or not made with the correct computer (which Lauren has)). Contains complete proof of identity (DNA, declassified employment records, etc.), available upon request without either computer or password, but all other functions are locked without both. Also contains complete classified records pertaining to Lauren, current mission orders (blank when unused), all information pertaining to current mission (blank when unused), and 1 GB of even more-encrypted storage (blank when unused, needs additional Scout cryptography software to access in addition to Lauren’s computer and password) for the most secure data ever transported. If there is other information stored on the wafer, Lauren does not know about it and cannot access it. Perhaps other computers and other passwords can access it…
Audio comm
IR/LI goggles
PRIS binoculars
Electromagnetic probe
Respirator (TL 10)
Filter lung implant (TL 10)
Defraction screen (aerosol, 12 uses, lasts 5 min.)
Advanced Survival kit (water resistant container, 20m vinyl tape, button compass, survival knife, wind-resistant matches with striker, pencil, water purification tablets, snare wire, candle, flint & striker, hacksaw blade, fishing kit (10m nylon line, 20 assorted hooks & floats), whistle, sewing kit (10 needles, strong cotton thread), 10 safety pins of assorted sizes, wire saw, signal mirror, tin hanging handle, tinder, 10 water bags on a roll, 5 single-edged razors, 20 adhesive plasters of assorted sizes, 4 signal flares, flare gun, 3 positional beacons capable of being sensed by any vehicle-mounted sensor package (battery life 1000 hours each), handheld basic electronic water tester kit, wind-up flashlight, 2 thermal survival blankets (2m x 2m, sealed in water-resistant plastic sheath), medical glue, gas lighter, gas stove (liquid gas canister, 50-hour life), 20 nutrient pouches). All of this fits in a small, water-resistant pouch that is 30 × 20 × 10 cm. She keeps this strapped to the back of her HEV suit.


Lauren dropped out of the last year of school in order to enter the Scout service. She did so mostly out of boredom – she wanted to get out and do something. Her initial testing indicated she would be best served in the xBoat service or in Special Operations. She picked Special Operations.

After a year of training, Lauren took on several missions as part of a team. All went with great success, and Lauren was promoted to Special Operative and given her first solo mission – she was to infiltrate an Imperial consulate and protect the head diplomat without his knowledge. The planet he had established a consulate on was a Balkanised state, and the attention he had given to one group was angering the others. Only minutes after Lauren went in for her first day, the entire consulate exploded. The Navy descended on the place and searched for survivors. There were none, though since Lauren’s body was never recovered, she was only listed as “Missing In Action-Presumed Dead”.

Although there were scattered reports of Lauren being sighted throughout Imperial space, the Scout service never took them seriously until, three years after the explosion, a very much alive Lauren Makaan stumbled into a Marine hospital on the other side of Imperial space with a bottle of water in one hand, a dead badger in the other, and no memory whatsoever of the past three years.

After an extensive debriefing that uncovered nothing whatsoever, the Scout Service sent Lauren to work on a secret project (which remains secret) in the middle of Imperial space, where they could keep an eye on her. It was here that Lauren developed a hobby of hers – designing specialized spaceships for the Scout service. None of them were ever even prototyped…except just one, four years later.

The Infiltrator-class vessel was created as a stealth and reconnaissance ship. Most information about the ship is classified, but what is known is this: during its first test run, the prototype Mata Hari ran across an Arkesh Spacers ship engaged in piracy. Between Lauren and Emily Nyselia, the only other person on board, they managed to disable the ship and capture the entire pirate crew. Needless to say, the Mata Hari is no longer the only ship of its class – though most people outside of black ops groups have never seen one and never will.

After this, Lauren was headhunted by the Navy. But she managed to dodge them for four more years, completing assignments for the Scout Service along the way, until George Takein (Emily’s boss from during the Infiltrator test runs) finally persuaded her to throw her lot in with Naval Intelligence’s Black Ops division. During this time, she pulled off a number of impressive missions, the most impressive of which was the extraction of a fellow Navy Intelligence agent (her old friend Emily) from a compound guarded by six hundred heavily-armed militants supported by anti-air artillery, antipersonnel mines, and several tanks, and that without their knowledge. But in the end, she decided that the Navy wasn’t for her. After making sure her name was on the Detatched Duty roster for the Scouts, she went out to enjoy some free time. After a month or so, she made it to Flamarrion.

Lauren exudes competence the way some people exude sexuality or a sense of danger. In combat, she is nearly unmatched and often unstoppable, and she knows it.

Outside of combat, however, is a different story. While still exuding that sense of total awareness, Lauren comes off as both well-centered in the moment and professionally paranoid. Her paranoia manifests itself subtly, more in what she chooses than how she chooses it – a seat at a bar facing the entrances, nonalcoholic drinks, not picking the nearest bunk to the entrance at any given point, and so on. Despite all this, Lauren has learned how to relax, and loves getting some R&R and joking around with people, especially people who aren’t in her chosen profession – she regards most of them as sticks-in-the-mud – an understandable reaction, when you remember that she is perfectly confident she can take on someone trying to take advantage of her relaxation time to attack, and most of her coworkers are not.

However, Lauren’s greatest strength is also her greatest fear. There are really only two things she is afraid of. The first is a situation where the best help she can offer is to stay out of the way. The second, and far worse, is a situation in which she doesn’t know what to do, especially when she could be doing something.

Lauren "Lars" Makaan

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