Body Pistol (stunner) TL-14

This tiny high-tech stunner is designed to evade detection.

weapon (ranged)

Body Pistol (Stunner) TL-14 Ranged (Pistol, Max Short) 3d6 auto(No) recoil(No) mass(-) magazine (100) cost(1500) p-pack(200)

As with most body pistols, this one is designed to evade detection by scanners of equal Tech Level or less. Unlike other body pistols, the Body Pistol (stunner) fires a stun beam rather than a bullet. Due to its smaller size the mass is negligible; it is otherwise equivalent to a standard Stunner.

The Body Pistol can take many forms to avoid physical detection, often as some other sort of device whose form allows easy aiming as a weapon. For example, one model is designed to fit inside a small hand-held LED flashlight, and is even functional as such.



Body Pistol (stunner) TL-14

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