Gauss Pistol (TL-14)

Improved over the TL-13 version for twice as much ammo.

weapon (ranged)

Gauss Pistol TL-14 Ranged (pistol) 3d6 auto(4) recoil(-1) mass(0.5) magazine(2×40) cost(750) ammo cost(20)*

The TL-14 Gauss Pistol improves on the TL-13 version primarily in its use of 3mm needles that are capable of the same damage and penetration as the earlier 4mm needles, due to use of improved aerodynamics and denser metal. This, combined with advanced magazine design, allows the TL-14 version to hold two standard magazines side by side, providing twice as much ammunition and allowing the user to choose from two different ammunition types if desired.

Ammunition Types (and price per magazine):

Standard: Typical gauss needle with high-density core and expanding exterior to provide maximum penetration and damage for a slugthrower projectile. Cr20/magazine.

Frangible: The needle is of lower density, lower ferrous content to reduce muzzle velocity, and is scored to fragment into slivers on impact, thus greatly reducing penetration while keeping the same damage potential against soft targets. Used primarily on shipboard or in situations where damage to equipment or overpenetration of walls may be a problem. Cr20/magazine.

Tranquilizer: The projectile has a very thin hard shell, an interior of gel that is a topical anesthetic, and a tiny crystal sliver of very strong tranquilizer which is self-dosing so as to avoid overdose in smaller targets such as children. The gel is lightly doped with ferrous compounds to give this round the lowest muzzle velocity and penetration of any gauss round; it will penetrate normal clothing but probably not a heavy coat, and does negligible physical damage. Max range is Short. Treat as standard Tranq round in effect. Cr30/magazine.

Shock: Optimized for use against robots or other electronics, this round has less mass and therefore does only 2d6 regular damage, but emits an electromagnetic pulse that does an additional 2d6 to robots or electronics within 1m of impact. Cr50/magazine.


Gauss Pistol (TL-14)

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