Grav Loader (TL-11)

Carries standard containers up to 4 dTons.


This Grav Loader (TL-11) is an extremely useful tool for a cargo ship to carry onboard. It is not a lot of use as a vehicle, as default settings limit it to lifting no more than 6m above ground (inside a spacecraft, treat the floor as ground if grav plates are activated), and moving at no more than 15 kph. Its front attachment plate can connect to standard freight containers up to 4 dTons in size, and the Grav Loader’s contragravity field will extend to also negate the apparent mass of the container.

The Grav Loader has no space for a driver, but is remotely controlled from a workstation or datapad, usually through the ship’s cargo-handling system. The Grav Loader runs for 8 hours on batteries and takes half that time to charge from a ship’s power supply. The vehicle itself takes up 2 dTons space for storage aboard ship.

Note: The Grav Loader can handle standard freight such as electronics, guns, or machinery, but solid blocks of metal are too dense and massive. For such materials, it is preferred that they be loaded into smaller containers such as 2 dTon or smaller.



Grav Loader (TL-11)

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