Grav Van (Space Taxi) TL-11

Enclosed air/raft for use as ship's auxiliary transport.


Here is what I ended up going with for the ship’s enclosed air/raft (basic exterior outline from the Hunting Van in the Safari Ship adventure; I made the interior).

Like most enclosed air/rafts, this one has no airlock, so although it is pressurized for use as a space taxi from ship to ship, it needs a sealed berth or spacedock to land in to let out or take on passengers.

I made three rows of seats for the interior, on the assumption that it mostly carries passengers, but the seats can fold down into the floor to allow transport of up to 3 dTons of cargo (each two seats folded provides 1/2 dTon cargo space). (Yeah, yeah, the whole vehicle is only about 3 dTons in size itself, but this is traditional Traveller magic for air/raft cargo capacity.)

Performance as standard TL-11 air/raft.



Grav Van (Space Taxi) TL-11

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