Grenades: More Options

More Grenades: Gas, Crowd-Control, Flashbang

weapon (ranged)

Grenades: Gas, Crowd-Control, Flashbang

Mongoose Traveller has a few varieties of grenades in its Core rules (Frag, Smoke, Stun, and Anti-Laser Aerosol) and adds a few more in MgT Mercenary (Incendiary, EMP, and Plasma) but is lacking somewhat in effective non-lethal options.

Borrowing from other versions of Traveller, we can come up with more interesting and useful options:

Gas TL-5 Ranged(thrown) Varies mass(0.5) radius(6m) cost(varies)
Crowd-Control TL-7 Ranged(thrown) Varies mass(0.5) radius(6m) cost(varies)
FlashBang TL-6 Ranged(thrown) Varies mass(0.5) radius(6m) cost(15)

Gas: Gas grenades can be of many varieties, as many as the GM or Players can think of and the GM will approve.

  • Blackout Gas isn’t opaque like Smoke, but might as well be for those within its cloud of effect, who are blinded for 3d6+3 minutes.
  • Tranquilizer gas would have the same effect as being hit with a Tranq round.
  • Riot-control gasses often have nasty effects such as tear-gas or vomit-gas.
  • Nerve Toxins may vary from temporary paralysis to permanent death.

Crowd-Control: While the gas from a Gas grenade must usually be breathed or at least have skin contact to be effective, these other crowd-control grenades work on anyone, even in vaccsuits or armor.

  • Banana-Goo: This yellowish oil, smelling faintly of bananas, spread out over the area of effect and makes everything very very VERY slippery. Saves vs Dex (or Acrobatics) are necessary just to stay on one’s feet, much less try to walk anywhere, and running? No way. Does require gravity for maximum effect.
  • Tangler: spreads sticky substance over area of effect, which hardens within a few seconds to a tough rubbery substance, hindering movement. A direct hit on a person may render that person immobile as he/she is completely wrapped in rubbery strands.
  • Banana-Glue: A combination of the two above effects, first slippery, then sticky, then rubbery. Subjects tend to fall down and be unable to get up.

Flash-Bang: These venerable tools of SWAT and Forced-Entry teams for millenia are still good for what they do. Anyone within the area of effect without eye-flash protection (or explicitly looking the other way) will be blinded for 3d6+3 minutes. Anyone within the area of effect without hearing protection takes 2d6 Stun (usual Endurance roll to avoid effects) and will be deafened for 3d6+3 minutes. (Note that these are not very effective against persons in Vaccsuits, Combat Armor, or BattleDress as all of these usually have flash and hearing protections built in.)


Grenades: More Options

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