Mare's Leg


weapon (ranged)

Weapon: Mare’s Leg (Rifle, Fullbore; lever-action)
TL: 5
Range: Ranged (pistol)
Damage: 3d6+3 SAP
Auto: none
Recoil: –2
Mass(kg): 2.6
Magazine: 6-round tubular magazine
Cost(Cr.): 250
Ammo Cost(Cr.): 15

Length: 24-inches
Barrel Length: 12-inches


This has come to mean a generic term for a Lever-Action Rifle with a shortened barrel and stock. It can be traced back to old Earth, a period known as the “Dead or Alive” era. Some manufacturers make an official model that is sold as a pistol, but functionally the same. This allows for some leeway regarding Law Levels. In most cases, due to the size, even the cut-down rifle model is often treated as a pistol in regards to Law Level.

It has become quite popular on the less ‘civilized’ planets, those more frontier-like. It is also used by bounty hunters and smugglers because it can be strapped to the hip and drawn like a pistol.

Mare's Leg

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