Knucks (TL-2) and Shock-Knucks (TL-8)

weapon (melee)

Primitive Knucks TL-0 Melee(unarmed) 1d6+1 Heft(-) Mass(-) Cost(-)
Brass Knucks TL-2 Melee(unarmed) 1d6+2 Heft(-) Mass(1) Cost(5)
Shock-Knucks TL-8 Melee(unarmed) 1d6+2(2d6 Stun) Heft(-) Mass(0.5) Cost(300)

“Knucks” can describe a variety of weapons used to protect the hands and inflict extra damage when brawling or using unarmed fighting skills in Melee. The name derives from the weapon’s usual position across the user’s knuckles.

The most basic knucks, available from TL-0 and up, require simply wrapping several layers of cloth, or even a leather belt, around the knuckles of the hand to protect against injury when striking in Melee combat. These do only +1 damage (in addition to the usual 1d6 unarmed damage), mostly due to allowing harder punches without self-injury. Cost and weight are negligible.

Brass knucks (so-called for a common metal used in making them, although wood or iron or steel or ceramics work just as well) not only shield the fist from injury when striking, but give it extra mass to inflict more damage, +2 added to the usual 1d6 for unarmed damage. A similar effect can be gained by wearing an armored gauntlet. Cost Cr5, mass 1kg.

Shock-knucks are the next advancement of this type of weapon, becoming available at TL-8 using the same technology as the Stun Baton. Like the brass-knucks, these protect the hand and add mass to inflict more damage (+2); at this TL the material is usually an advanced plastic or ceramic, with a high-density core to provide the extra mass. However, when the “shock” function is activated, this weapon delivers a shock on impact similar to that of the Stun Baton, adding 2d6 Stun damage and requiring an Endurance check to maintain consciousness. Cr300, mass 0.5kg.


Knucks (TL-2) and Shock-Knucks (TL-8)

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