Snub-MG, plus Alt Ammo for Snub Wpns and Shotguns

More options for snubbies and shotguns!

weapon (ranged)

One of the strengths of the Snub Pistol in Classic Traveller was the variety of ammunition that it could fire, in addition to its reduced recoil for use in zero-G. This seems to have been lost in Mongoose Traveller, as neither the MgT Core, nor Mercenary, nor High Guard mention these ammo types.

Also, MgT seems to feature only the original 6-shot revolver Snub Pistol, and not the later introduced AutoSnub or Snub-MG. Also, it is common to allow snub-type alternate ammunition in sizes for shotguns, as that is the other standard shipboard weapon.

AutoSnub TL-8 Ranged(Pistol) 3d6-3 auto(No) recoil(-) mass(0.5) magazine(10/20) cost(200) ammo(10)

The AutoSnub is an autopistol chambered for Snub Pistol ammunition. It can use either a 20-round extended magazine, or a shorter 10-round magazine for carrying holstered.

SnubMG TL-8 Ranged(Pistol) 3d6-3 auto(4) recoil(-) mass(3) magazine(32) cost(500) ammo(15)

The Snub-MG is a submachinegun (SMG) chambered for Snub Pistol ammunition. It requires an electrically-driven feed-and-eject mechanism, as the recoil of the low velocity snub rounds is not enough to reliably work the action and can lead to frequent jams.

Alternate Ammunition for Snub and Shotgun Weapons:

Note that while ammunition for the Snub Pistol, AutoSnub, and Snub-MG is interchangeable, shotgun ammo cannot be fired from these weapons, nor vice versa. Shotgun versions are similar but not the same size,

HE/Fragmentation: To achieve extra damage against soft targets, reduce penetration through compartment walls and shipboard equipment, and allow group hits on adjacent targets, the HE/Frag round explodes on impact. This adds +1d6 damage and also allows group hits.

Frangible: Aimed at the same goal as the HE/Frag but without the damage to nearby targets, the frangible slug is scored to fragment on impact, doing +1d6 damage to soft targets but reducing penetration of armor, compartment walls, or shipboard equipment.

HEAP: High Explosive Armor Piercing Rounds are for when you don’t care about collateral damage because you need to penetrate enemy armor or die.

Tranq: Tranquilizer rounds are designed not to cause injury, and will not penetrate more than normal clothing. They do cause a Tranq effect (however that works in MgT).

Rubber: Low-velocity rubber bullets may be used in any of these weapons, or even in other slugthrower weapons. They do the normal weapon damage to unarmored targets, but recovery is at the rate of d6+1 per hour because it is all bruising, no penetration. These slugs do not affect armored targets at all.

Gas: Gas rounds can carry a variety of loads, from smoke to riot-gas to blackout to tranq. Shotgun rounds are larger and affect double the area.


Snub-MG, plus Alt Ammo for Snub Wpns and Shotguns

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