Stun Baton TL-8

Combines functions of Club and Stunstick in pocket-sized weapon

weapon (melee)

Unlike the standard TL-8 stunstick, this baton telescopes for easier pocket storage, About 3cm in diameter (convenient for gripping in hand) a flick of the wrist telescopes its length from 10cm out to 50cm, High density inserts also enhance its mass (especially at the tip) to make it the equivalent of a Club for Melee fighting. In addition to the usual 2d6 Club damage, the Stun Baton provides a shock effect similar to the stunstick, adding 2d6 Stun damage and requiring a roll against Endurance to avoid being stunned.

The Stun effect will also work with a sharp tap that does not cause any physical damage, although mere touching will not trigger it. The handle/grip is the only part insulated against the stun effect, rendering such show-off habits as slapping the baton against one’s thigh or opposing hand ill-advised (although somewhat humorous for observers).

TL-8, mass 1kg, cost Cr 300


Stun Baton TL-8

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