The Mir Steel Contract

Contract details between New Era Works and Mir Steel, L.L.C.


Maverick is a FastTrader Type A3— it more versatile Free Trader ship. It is a 300ton, jump-2 cargo ship equipped with a prototype drive that makes her more efficient with fuel consumption, and that can be equipped with weapons.

“We will provide middle-passage to Walston and 3,000 credits for gear now. Once there, your job is to find the ship, repair it if you can and return it to Flammarion . We will provide you with the necessary parts and software to make any repairs. We will pay each of you 5000 credits for returning the ship. If you can repair the ship, you may charge all fuel and life support costs to return the ship to Flammarion.”

“Once you return the ship, we will inspect it thoroughly and report the condition to the Imperial Scouts. If it meets with their requirements, and if we both mutually agree, you would be assigned the original charter that the first Maverick crew had. Here are the details of that, if you accept the contract, you will have use of Maverick for 1-year. During that year, you are to be available for Imperial Scout service, which won’t be more than 5 months of time during the year for cargo and passenger transport services. During the times when you are not requested you are free to use the ship for any lawful activities. You are responsible for fuel and life support."

“If you provide scouting reports of planets, starports, and political status the Imperial Scouts will pay you up to 2,000 per report. For reports on corporate activities you encounter as well as commodities and trading information from other worlds, such as availability and prices of various trade items that you provide to Borderline, we will pay you 5,000 per report. Your assignments will come from Borderline and I would be your point of contact. After the first year, we will review your service to determine what the future of our relationship looks like.”

Here are the key terms of the arrangement, which by the way are not triggered until the following happens: (1) you find and return the Maverick, (2) Borderline determines that the ship is sufficient condition to return to operations, and (3) Borderline determines that you, New Era Works, are the right crew to continue with the charter. By the way, I can prepare a charter for your operation New Era Works, which would detail and preserve each of your interests, rights and responsibilities as co-owners of New Era Works for 5,000 credits, which would include filing the necessary imperial paperwork to allow you to trade in Imperial Space if you so desire.”

“So the conditions and terms I am about to review with you DO NOT apply the retrieval mission. That mission is straight forward….. (1) locate the Maverick (believed to be on Walston), (2) repair if possible and return to Flammarion (fuel and lifesupport can be charged to Borderline to return the ship), (3) if the ship can’t be repair, report the exact location and prognosis report of the ships troubles. You are not to take, remove, barter or sell any cargo or computer files on the Maverick. In return, Borderline will pay each of you 3,000 now, as well as provide middle-passage to Walston. They will also provide you with 3 cargos bins of computer and electronic parts necessary, in their opinion, to allow you to make the repairs. Upon return of the Maverick to Flammarion, New Era Works will receive 50,000 credits and each of you will receive 5,000.

“Once the ship is returned, and assuming that the ship is operational, as determined by Borderline, and New Era Works is deemed to be an acceptable crew, as determined by Borderline the following conditions apply:
1. You will be allowed use of the Maverick.
2. Maverick’s primary responsibility, for up to 5 months a year, the allocation of the time per year to be determined by Borderline Shipping, is to take instructions and contracts from Borderline for the benefit of the Imperial Scout service. Basically freight and passengers.
3. Additionally, regardless of whether you are on official Borderline business or not, after entering each system you shall notify both any Borderline Shipping office and any Imperial Scout base of your presence. This can be done via electronic communications or in person.
4. You are to file with Borderline Shipping offices and/or through Xboat communication systems your current and projected itineraries each month.
5. If asked, you will always deliver messages (electronic) between systems as a back-up to the xboat routes. You will never, under any circumstances, open or attempt to hack any encrypted messages.
6. Maverick is prohibited from using unrefined fuel, unless emergency conditions apply, as determined by Borderline.
7. Maverick is prohibited from engaging in offensive space combat. The Maverick may defend itself from attack however.
8. Maverick is to follow the established Imperial code of space flight, including mandatory response to all May Day and distress calls.
9. Maverick may only land at registered Starports and is prohibited from landing outside of a starport, except in emergency situations, as determined by Borderline.
10. New Era Works may not engage in illegal activity (law level 4 or higher) including equipment, illegal technologies, wanted criminals, narcotics or any other cargo or activity deemed by the Imperial Department of Justice to be illegal. Maverick is to provide full manifests of passengers and cargo to Borderline offices or through xboat communication systems once a month.
11. New Era Works shall be responsible for performing, or causing to be performed regular maintenance, such as jump-drive, power system, sensor, navigation, and maneuver drive calibrations, lubricant services, life-support flushings, and navigation calibrations. Any parts needed in these repairs shall be the responsibility of New Era Works.
12. On a quarterly basis, New Era Works shall present Maverick to a Borderline location (over 25 locations in Sword Worlds and 268 District subsectors) for a quarterly maintenance review. During that review, New Era Works shall present the work orders and maintenance logs evidencing the monthly maintenance activities of New Era Works. If, as determined by Borderline, the maintenance activities of New Era Works have been reasonable, Borderline will pay for any parts or maintenance activities required, as determined by Borderline.
13. Any damage as a result of space combat, shall be the responsibility of the New Era Works.
14. New Era Works may make improvements to Maverick without prior approval, however, any such permanent improvements become the property of Borderline.
15. The agreement lasts for one year and can be renewed by Borderline. New Era Works, should they desire to continue the relationship, can request an extension, but the granting of the request shall be the sole decision of Borderline.


The Mir Steel Contract

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