Free Trader: Maverick

System Inbound
The questions the crew have slowly begin to fall into place..or do they?

As the crew looks over the records, they see that the Maverick, following her initial route into the system, had been plying back and forth along the two adjoining sectors for what seems like the past 20+ years, with interspersed maintenance over that period.

Further digging does turn up crew logs. It seems like there have been 4 crews, averaging about 1 crew every 5 years. It also shows that the ship looks like it is owned by a blind trust, based in Regina sector, and the crew has broad discretion in selecting cargoes, destinations and charters, provided only that basic financial and contract obligations were met.

As the crew brews coffee and discusses the beginning finds, Ravn begins to slowly come to a realization. As he looks back to his conversations, he remembers that once he was shuttled to Maverick, he was told that he would be put under, similar to the rest of the crew, but only for “a few weeks at best”, in order for them to calibrate the system used to create the simulations.

He know understands that he has been in a waking dream for the past 24 years.

Jason and Magnus locate the Maverick’s position, as more systems come on line. She is currently in Aramis system, in a wide parabolic orbit out near the last planet in the system. He orbit takes her near, and in some cases into an asteroid field, which nav states she will be entering withing the next hour.

Also, the onboard computer corrects the current date and time, now that it can take bearings from a system beacon.

The current date is 361-1129. At 1G, you should reach Aramis in 4 days, 22 hours. At 2 G, you will reach her in 3 days, 11 hours. Your current stores on ship will exhaust in 5 days.

A Dream within a Dream?

Do Travellers Dream of Electric Sheep?

The Characters are slowly coming to the realization that all is not what it seemed to be on Walston. As they slowly revive from their waking dream (?), they are coming to the realization that not only all is not well, but where are they, and why are they here?

Note: sorry for the long gap, I was debating with myself as to whether I was capable to run this game, and I decided that I’m going to give it my best, and with everyone’s help make it a success, so here we go!

I’m also going to recruit more players via Citizens of the Imperium, so with any luck, you’ll have a full crew, so I can reduce the amount of PC NPC’s.

What is Real?

A Bridge between the events on planet, and what the party may be “seeing”

Walston - A council to steal
Arriving on Walston

Ceto hauler
On to Hople…


Debriefing of this episode is pending.

Maverick - En Route

The Autumn Gold
June 17, 2012 02:15

Raw Maverick Log
The beginning

Sword Worlds/Flammarion/Starport
May 23, 2012 02:41


After mustering out of your respective services, you find yourselves in the Sword Worlds subsector on Flammarion on the Highport looking for work. During your time on Flammarion doing odd jobs and basically enjoying the highlife you meet each other in the various pubs and bars and other nightlife areas. After a weeks of getting to know each other you all begin to realize that at this pace you will have spent all your mustering out benefits with nothing to show for it. Unfortunately, none of you has a ship, which is the key to making real money.

L district 268 1115
L sword worlds 1115

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