The game is being played based on the Mongoose Traveller system. As the GM, my style of play is more character based, with the occasional combat, but more intrigue and some flashes of style. The type of play is posting online via the forums, and the pace varies depending on the processing power of the GM, and the players own day to day. As of January, 2015, the posts are about every 2-3 days, and I am experimenting with specific days I post (i.e. Monday/Wednesday/Friday)

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The revived campaign is FreeTrader: Maverick, a Traveller gem that was run by Montana, and is currently being revisioned by Marc Richardson.

As co-GM, I take the liberty to re-up whatever I can salvage from the archives.

Thus, the revivification can begin.

January 2015 Update After the holidays, and a health scare to yours truly, we are able to start in earnest!
Right now I am posting a brief overview to get all players up to speed*

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Free Trader: Maverick

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