Charlie Braunmantel

Retired ship captain, getting bored with retirement


PC for Free Trader Maverick campaign on Obsidian Portal
Created by SpaceBadger using MgT Core Rulebook

Karl (“Charlie”) Braunmantel, Human, Age 56
Final UPP: 697A74 (Birth UPP: 798974)
Homeworld: Moran (SM 2924) C567300-8 N Lo 201 ImDd M3V M7V

Skills: Pilot(Spacecraft)-3, Pilot(SmallCraft)-1, Astrogation-1, Sensors-1, Gunner(Turrets)-2, Engineer (Electronics)-1, Engineer(Powerplant)-1, Mechanic-1, VaccSuit-2, GunCbt(SlugPistol)-3, GunCbt(Shotgun)-1, Melee(Unarmed)-2, Melee(Blade)-1, Streetwise-3, Deception-2, Survival-1, Admin-0, Advocate-0, Medic-0, Athletics(Coordination)-0, Athletics(Endurance)-0, Recon-0, Stealth-0

Mustering Out Benefits: Cr160,000; 6 ship shares; Body Pistol (TL-14); Gauss Pistol (TL-14); Tailored VaccSuit (TL-14); ALLY (Term 2)

Description: Charlie Braunmantel appears to be a middle-aged Human spacer, of average height and build, with buzz-cut brown hair (showing a little gray) and sleepy blue eyes. He usually wears his TL-14 shipsuit, sometimes with a faded leather jacket over it, with spacer’s boots. The shipsuit appears somewhat worn and shows where various patches and insignia have been attached and then removed, but as a vital piece of spacer’s equipment is actually in good condition. Charlie commonly goes several days without shaving, then either shaves clean or lets it grow out as a beard; the beard rarely lasts more than a few months before he gets annoyed with it, shaves it clean, and starts all over again. He looks somewhat younger than his age unless his beard is grown out; it shows more gray and white and makes him look his age or older.

Recent History: Charlie Braunmantel may be known to spacers in the core-trailing regions of the Spinward Marches as having crewed on a number of different tramp freighters, usually suspected of shady activity such as smuggling, but lucky (and careful) enough not to get caught. Six years ago he was made Captain of the A2 Far Trader Caribee IV. Two years ago he retired to live free and easy on his accumulated savings, travelling from system to system as he pleased, but lately he has been getting bored and considering going back to space again – back to work, not just bum around. He has spent the past month in Leedor on Aramis (SM 3110) and has decided to start looking for a ship and crew that he’d like to join.

Earlier History:

(Abbreviated:) Charlie Braunmantel was born on 098-1052 on the low-population world of Moran (SM 2924), where the only thing of interest was the Naval Base, and there weren’t enough civilian jobs there for the non-Navy population of 2,000. Charlie left home at age 18 to become a drifter, wandering from system to system whenever he could find working passage on any kind of starship, hoping to learn useful skills that would let him become a real spacer. After 4 years of wandering, he got a job with a small salvage company operating a Type S2 Seeker, and finally learned some shipboard skills. After 4 years of salvage work, Charlie finally got started on the career he really wanted: crewman aboard a series of tramp freighters, operating all over the core-trailing quadrant of the Spinward Marches, hauling whatever would make a profit, regardless of what Customs officers or the Navy might say about the legality of it. For 24 years Charlie served on such ships, steadily rising in rank until 1102 when he became Captain of the A2 Far Trader Caribee IV. Four more years as Captain (yet still not owning his own ship) was enough for Charlie, and he retired in 1106 at age 54. Now it is 1108, and he is 56 years old and bored with retirement, looking for a ship and crew to join and go back to space.


T1: Attacked by Enemies, Defend Melee(Unarmed), No Injury; ENEMY gained
T2: Unusual Life Event; 3, Alien Artifact
T5: Crime Success, Gain DM+2 on one Benefit roll, Gain ENEMY
T6: Opportunity to Backstab, Refuse = Gain ALLY
T7: Feud, Defend GunCbt(SlugPistol), No Injury, 1 extra Benefit roll
T9: Life Event, 7, new CONTACT


ENEMY: Eddie Umarshukka. In 1072, when Charlie was midway through his term of wandering and working passage in hope of useful spacer skills, he was involved in a barroom brawl. Eddie pulled a blade, and the unarmed Charlie grabbed a beer mug and knocked him out, incidentally scarring one side of his face and taking out one eye. Eddie has vowed revenge ever since, but has never been successful. (36 years ago Eddie was just another unemployed spacer wannabe, but who knows what he might have achieved since then?)

ALLY: (Year 1076, while Charlie was doing salvage. Maybe someone on the salvage crew?)

ENEMY: (Boss of rival criminal cartel, possibly a lot “dirtier” than organizations that owned ships that Charlie crewed. Angry because of some deal that Charlie pulled off that profited Charlie’s group at the expense of the cartel, back in 1088, 20 years ago.)

ALLY: Magnus Carlsonn (Navy; see GM secret notes)

ALLY: Captain Horst Rozsa. In 1092, Charlie could have benefitted by ratting out Captain Rosza to the Customs patrols, but instead he chose to warn Rosza in time for him to offload his contraband before the inspection. Rosza has been a grateful friend ever since, acknowledging that he owes Charlie a solid favor.

CONTACT: (Navy officer, either serving or recently retired. Have become “odd couple” friends, exchanging “war stories” over dinner or beers (with the names changed to protect the guilty, of course!). Became acquainted during Charlie’s term as Captain of Caribee IV, have become better friends since Charlie retired and is not actively on “the other side” of the law.)

Tailored VaccSuit (TL-14)
Leather Jacket (armored as Mesh+1; also looks cool, offers some concealment of gear/weapons)
Gauss Pistol (TL-14)
Blade (ceramic)
Toolbelt w pouches (minimal mech/elect tools)
Engineer’s Goggles

(I put Charlie’s standard hidden weapons and preferred ammo loads in a Secret for the GM, and also made another Secret for keeping track of Charlie’s funds: carried, banked, secret, etc. I recommend these as good uses of the Secrets function.)


Charlie Braunmantel

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