Dane Armstrong

Nickname "Brick", he was once described as being built like a brick shithouse.


Age: 52
Race: Human
Homeworld: Regina
Racial Traits: none

Characteristic Score Modifier
Strength C 2
Dexterity 7 0
Endurance 9 1
Intelligence A 1
Education 7 0
Social 5 -1

Skills: Admin 1, Advocate 0, Athletics (Strength) 1, Athletics (Coordination) 1, Comms 1, Computers 0, Deception 1, Drive (Wheeled) 2, Gambling 1, Gun Combat (Pistol) 1, Gun Combat (Rifle) 1, Gun Combat (Shotgun) 1, Investigate 1, Mechanic 1, Melee (Unarmed – Karate) 2, Persuade 1, Recon 1, Sensors 1, Stealth 1, Streetwise 2, Tactics (Military) 1


Armstrong 0320-year law-enforcement veteran. Local boy from bad neighborhood who worked his way up the ranks to Chief. An honest cop in a not so honest world. Honest is not always the best policy and for this cop, it proved career-ending! His first 12 years was spent mostly undercover, infiltrating various crime families. Working the streets and in and out of criminal roles allowed him to build a small network of contacts.

After making detective-grade, he spent more time at a desk or working homicides. But his time on the street and undercover had given him a handle on some dirty cops. He began his own off-the-books investigation, digging into how deep and how far up the corruption went. He started with his current partner.

He built a solid case and foundation and started to move on his partner. He was able to bring down his partner and a small group of dirty cops. While proud of his work, the higher-ups were not so pleased. Everyone knew this corruption went further up the chain-of-command. Rather than have all the corruption played out in the public, it was decided that many would ‘retire’ and others transfer. His partner had powerful allies so he was simply demoted and transferred, but an enemy had been made. To ‘protect’ Armstrong he was promoted to Chief and transferred to another precinct.

But he couldn’t let it go. He continued his investigation, determined to bring down those above. He also began leaking small stories to a reporter contact, trying to rattle some cages. Rattle he did, straight to an attempted assassination and major set-up. Armstrong had many friends outside the force and a grudging respect from some of the criminal element. The leaders of this cop gang outsmarted Armstrong and he was framed in a rather convincing manner. They didn’t want him dead, no martyr, they wanted him out and disgraced. In this, they succeeded.

A man who spent a career doing the right thing now found he had only one place to turn. Years ago, while deep undercover, he had made an ally of a Capo’s son, saved his life. With nowhere else to turn, he was welcomed into the family. So began a career in crime. His cop career had more good than bad, even with the frame, so he kept his retirement. But he needed money to prepare himself for a new life and he now harbored a desire for vengeance.

12 years he spent working through the ranks of the family. He became a protege, a second son to the Capo. He planned elaborate and successful heists and made some good money. With this nest egg, he was ready to move on. He had the loyalty of the Capo and his son but times were changing and the old style criminals were being taken out and replaced by younger, more violent thugs. So Armstrong walked away and disappeared. Regina was the past; even his thirst for vengeance had subsided. He found himself on Aramis, working as a PI/Bounty Hunter.


Armstrong 02A big, imposing man; 6’4" and 240lbs (give or take – he likes Twinkies) with blonde/white hair and cold blue eyes. He hardly smiles anymore and doesn’t say much. To say he has trust issues now, is to put it mildly. But there is a bit of the old PI with a heart of gold inside still and he often helps out those in need. He still owns a few nice suits from his Copper days but now prefers loud Hawaiian-style shirts. he has a small, half-circle scar across his right cheek, near his eye, the receiving end of a bottle in a bar fight. He wears a weathered trenchcoat and a battered hat. He is also well known for his “Mare’s Leg”, this is a cut-down rifle with no stock that is holstered like a pistol at his hip. It is a lever-action rifle. He likes scotch, straight up, warm beer if no scotch available and keeps a cigar in a sealed container in his pocket. He doesn’t smoke and claims he is keeping it for the right occasion. Whatever that may be.

Nickname “Brick”, he was once described as being built like a brick shithouse.


Mares leg

  • Autopistol, Heavy (12mm) TL7; 3d6-1; 9-shot; Recoil 2; Cr500; 1.5kg; Ammo Cr12
  • Mare’s Leg (Rifle, Fullbore – 7mm) TL5; 3d6+3 SAP; 5-shot; Recoil 2; Cr250; 2.6kg; Ammo Cr15
  • Shotgun, Short TL5; 4d6; 3-shot; Recoil 2; Cr125; 2.5kg, Ammo Cr3
  • Ballistic Vest TL8; Protection 5; Cr200; 1kg
  • Mesh Trenchcoat TL6; Protection 2; Cr150; 2kg
  • Subdermal Armour TL11; Protection 3; Benefit
  • Binoculars TL8; LI; Cr3500
  • Goggles TL9; LIIR; Cr1250
  • Electromagnetic Probe TL10; Cr1000
  • Respirator TL10; Cr2000
  • Hand Computer TL11; Comp/2; Cr700
  • Duct Tape TL6; Cr5


Armstrong 04Law Enforcement 20 years, Rogue 12 years
Benefits: TAS, Weapon x2, Combat Implant x2 (subdermal armour), Shipshare x1
Contact: reporter
Contact: Gunsmith/Pawnshop owner
Ally: high level mobster
Rival: former mob informant
Enemy: dirty cop

Pension: Cr10,000
Cash: Cr111,500

Dane Armstrong

Free Trader: Maverick MarcRichardson