Free Trader: Maverick

Tales of Futures Past

Character Mini Stories

A spot where you are free to post any “tales” or adventures of your characters that others may find helps flesh out your characters motivations, reasoning, etc.

if you post here, I will presume that this information is being given as off post discussion (i.e. on-board ship during jump, or in some non active situation, and is accessible by all.

You are not required to post here, but the suggestion was that it would assist in rounding out the characters, along with building dialogue among the crew, so here you are! write away![[:irina-yannovich | Afkagha[[:jason-taverner | [[:lauren-lars-makaan | Jason Taverner]] [[:sarah-hodges | Miles Santos[[:charlie-braunmantel | Charlie Braunmantel]]]]]]]]



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